My Nigeria, Your Nigeria, Whose Nigeria?

The module provides learners with historical background of Nigeria’s social, political, and economic dynamics

By YANN_DoSomething
Getting Started

What You Will Learn

  • How to register your campaign and make your candidacy official
  • How to get your name on the ballot
  • How to research your key deadlines

Why This Is Important

Election rules can change based on what city and state you’re running in, and they’re different for each office; i.e. a mayoral vs. a state legislative race. To set yourself up for success from day one, take this course to learn how these rules might govern your campaign.

Key Resources

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Campaign Startup Resources
  • Campaign Finance Startup Resources
  • Registering Your Campaign Committee Handout
  • List of Campaign Staff Roles & Responsibilities
  • List of Campaign Consulting Roles

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