Citizen Commons Community Change Enablers BootCamp | Social Justice Academy Highlight


In May 2022, as part of our #FromProtestToAction project, we hosted the Community Change Enablers BootCamp as a special edition of our Social Justice Academy design as an intensive is a 5 Day residential training designed to introduce  20 competitively selected change champions to the art of social change through advocacy and community engagement and social action. Using a mix of workshops, long readings, seminars,  role plays and team projects led by leading experts and professionals as facilitators and mentors.  The enablers are mainly activators, mobilisers and leaders of the #EndSARS Protests. 

Topics include Political Organizing Key Concepts, Democracy in Nigeria: History, Challenges and Opportunity; Structural Power, Direct Action and People Power; Online/ Digital Organising; Communication for Social Change; My Nigeria, Your Nigeria, Whose Nigeria? Community Engagement; Community Participation – Inspiring and Engagement; Community Organizing: Tools, Tactics and Strategies – Nigeria context. Social Movements and  Policy; Public Policy in Nigeria: Drivers and Process;  Law and Social Impact; The Business of Social Change.

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