Citizen Commons Hosts An Intergenerational Conversation To Commemorate the 2022 International Youth Day

On the 12th of August 2022, Citizen Commons held a conversation on intergenerational solidarity discussing Nigeria’s leadership crisis at Impact Central Hub, Abuja to commemorate the 2022 International Youth Day

It is no news Nigeria is currently undergoing a leadership crisis which has led to a deteriorating economy for the nation. Hence, the need to have a discussion on these issues and see how there can be collaboration and solidarity among the three generations of leaders to build a Nigeria desirable for all.

Leadership is not a one-man business. According to participants of the event, the country is in a state of disarray and will need cooperation from all Nigerians irrespective of age to work together to build a better country for the next generation. The leadership crisis in the country is a shared trauma among Nigerians.

One leadership problem identified during the conversation is the lack of cooperation and collaboration between the older and new generations of leaders in the country. The conversation showed that the older generations are not doing enough to handhold the new generation as the leadership system is filled with corrupt leaders. This has widened the gap between the three generations of leaders and needs to be addressed.

The conversation points to the fact that citizens need to choose their leaders based on ideas and capacity and not on age. One of our panelists, Dr. Mohammed Kabiru, a senatorial candidate for Nasarawa State affirmed this point and mentioned the fact that ideas make leaders and not age.

Furthermore, both the new and older generational leaders have a role to play in creating a sustainable solution for the growth of the nation by electing capable leaders. Mr. Tonte, the second panelist who happens to be a governorship aspirant in Rivers state stated the need for the citizens to hold the government accountable for their actions. All hands must be on the desk to question the action of the government because the government was created for the people and by the people.

The nonchalant behavior of the Nigerian youths towards politics was also discussed, which according to some participants is due to the corruption that has eaten deeply into the system of the country, political party nepotism, and the ridiculous amount of forms for political offices which for most youth, is overwhelming. Therefore, the government needs to revisit some policies hindering well-meaning Nigerians from contesting for political offices.

To improve the intergenerational leadership in the country, the government must be intentional about investing in youth leadership, quality education, local protection, and quality life inputs. The discussion summary shows the importance of intergenerational solidarity for all ages in the new Nigeria we hope to build in the forthcoming 2023 election.

Panelists in the Conversation

Tonte Ibraye, 

Governorship Aspirant, Rivers State.

Dr. Mohammed Kabiru, 

Senatorial Aspirant, Nasarawa State

Benita Ezumezu, Moderator

Emerging Leader

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