Future Forward Female: Taking Equitable Action International Women’s Day 2023

Several years have passed, yet the question of whether technology for gender inequality is formed on the basis of gender divides, traces back to the background of cultural belief. I strongly believe in the phrase ‘the future is female’ as it conveys a powerful message. In recent years, we have seen the significant role of women showing that both men and women have equal relevance and importance. The discrimination against women being excluded from influence and power is too far fetched.

Despite the fact that many individual females, civil society organisations, and global institutions have tried to combat discrimination, harassment, and inequality in different spheres like cultural, political, and digital differences, progress has only surfaced in recent times. This progress can be traced back to many female leaders in the political and tech spaces, through organising and mobilising several female dialogues and movements to demand more representation for an even more equitable society. Despite numerous efforts, women continue to face significant barriers to equality in so many areas, including employment biases and workplace discrimination.  These biases have even doubled with the high rate of poverty among women. 

Historically, women have been marginalised and are at greater risk of poverty, due to the limited access to resources to bridge the gender gap, and get more women involved in the political and digital economy. When the phrase ‘the future is female’ is being used, it simply means that females have a large role to play in shaping our world today. So you would agree with me that the general concept of “Future Forward Female” recognizes the high level of discrimination and inequalities, but of course with a deep understanding and belief that women are a very powerful emissary of change and are indeed the future.

The popular saying that when a woman is supported, a nation benefits is obviously true, as the growth and development of a woman contributes greatly to the growth and development of a nation. If women believe this, then we must speak out against discrimination, organise and support women-focused initiatives, and leverage on individual and general challenges to mentor other women around the world, because no matter how loudly we cry out to end gender-based violence, discrimination, and other vices of inequity, change will not occur unless we collaborate with collective ideas to achieve the same goal. 

I believe that with more access to resources, support, and equitable opportunities, women can take control of their lives and futures, using their acquired skills, talents, and passions to make positive social impact globally. For a more inclusive and equitable society that would enable women to take the right action, we must create more opportunities for women to thrive in any field of interest, not just accept whatever role is given as a result of desperation or fear of poverty, as this would greatly contribute to breaking the barriers for a future forward female.

To ensure the possibility of an equitable society for a future forward female, women must rally the support amongst themselves to embrace each other, and the rest of the world will follow. To achieve the reality of a more digital economy, the place and the role of women is germane- the future is truly female.

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