Covid-19 has not only endangered billions of lives, it has also affected the global economy which brought about financial market volatility, rising financial insecurities, falling commodities and loss of jobs in Nigeria and this problem lasted for the most part of 2020.

LinkedIn’s analysis of work trends in 15 countries shows that the most sought after jobs for 2021 can all be done remotely. Also, there is higher demand for people in the health and tech department.

Having a job was once considered one of the prerequisites of making a stable income. It seems that isn’t the reality anymore.

According to the UN Social Development Goals 8: Decent work and economic growth; there should be productive employment and decent work for men, women and people with disabilities and equal pay for work with equal value. 

The Jobs created in the country should be decent enough to lift people out of poverty considering that is the main reason why people work, the reverse is the case of many Nigerians. A country where the monthly minimum wage for a person qualified enough to be employed is N30,000 ($71.9649) which will equal to N360,000  ($863.5786) per year.

What can less than $1000 annual income do for a family that has 2-3 children in schools? How can such little income with the high cost of living in the country cover for basic amenities like; house rent, furnishing and utilities, groceries, clothing, internet services and transportation??

As long as the nation keeps experiencing job instability and the cost of living keeps getting higher, having one source of income in Nigeria might be insufficient. It is imperative to have multiple income streams or at least a side hustle to keep up with the high cost of living in the Country 

One of the many lessons that came with the lockdown was the knowledge that “Everything can be learned online and Anything can be sold online”. Not getting admitted into a university should not be considered as a limitation to creating the life desired and getting the dream job as there are now various opportunities to learn several topnotch skills online. 

Credible platforms like; Cousera, Udemy, Hubspot, Edx, masterclass, LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda and several other online course learning platforms have made learning easier, interesting and flexible by the use of explanatory videos and other teaching materials to communicate with learners everywhere and anywhere . These platforms teach a person almost all that is needed to know about a preferred skill, which could be used to work remotely or as a side hustle with or without a school degree. 

As long as you have a technological device and good access to the internet, you can learn and acquire any skill of your choice. 

The post-COVID Era is a time that calls for change of mindset and upgrade of skills before you can be considered qualified for a job especially in a nation like Nigeria where your survival depends on how far your income can cover your basic needs to avoid being left behind, broke, and unemployed. 

The economic condition of the country is already bad enough, do not complicate it for yourself by thinking your certificate is enough. SKILL UP.


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  1. You are very correct Ms. Gold. More than ever before, skilling, and upskilling is very important to our personal development journey as well as that of our dear nation Nigeria.

    We are in a generation where about 75% of teenagers and youths have one or more internet-enabled devices, there is no doubt that getting the right and sellable skill must be well prioritized.

    Interestingly, they can start out without having to pay anyone as there are several free ways they could learn and then start the journey of mastering the skills.

    When I started out in digital marketing, I remember I started exploring Google and Youtube to learn, I’ll later enrol for Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course and few months after all these self learning, I got a paid internship where I learned the more especially the practical aspects and the rest is history as I am today doing well as an Internet Marketing Specialist.

    Thanks so much for penning this down once again Ms. Gold, I celebrate You👏👏👏👏

    1. Thank you very much Mr. Peter 🙏🏼
      I appreciate your insightful contribution and comment on this article