20th February, 2022 must have been a black day for the family of Sule Matthew, a first-class graduate who just completed his Undergraduate degree from Bayero University in Kaduna. Sule Matthew met his untimely death on his way to Anambra for his one-year mandatory service (NYSC) when the men of the underway (gunmen) waylaid and opened fire on everybody in the car, killing everyone except the driver who escaped.

Sule Matthew was a youth with a promising career, he has a bright future and he has overcome a lot even the pain of losing his father a few months to his final undergraduate paper. 

Sule Matthew is just one out of the shining youths with a great future who could have contributed a lot to the growth of the nation but his body now lies helplessly in a mortuary because of how deep insecurity has eaten into the fabrics of this country. The country that should have protected Sule ended up being the one that killed him.

Who is safe? Where is safe?

You might think you are safe but the news of even politicians and wealthy men getting kidnapped or killed should be enough to tell you. Just to mention a few;

  • Former councilor from Cross River, Hon. Anthony Duker was kidnapped early this year
  • A politician, Mohammed Sani Idris, was adopted from his house in Niger state also early this year
  • Rev Zakariah Ido and 16 members of his church was kidnapped in 2019
  • Rev Popoola David Kayode of Calvary Baptist Church in Kaduna was kidnaped
  • Fr Joseph Shekari, priest of St. Monica’s catholic church was adopted in Kaduna
  • Fr John Matthew Dajo, a priest of the archdiocese of Abuja was kidnapped and released 10 days after
  • Fr John Gbakaran was murdered a day after his kidnapped in Minna

And the list goes on and On. Nobody is save from this insecurity even the so called prominent men and women despite the securities they have have also fallen into the hands of this unknown gunmen

We are at that point where fighting security is now a collective action. Insecurity can now be compared to the stone thrown in the market, who will be the next person the stone will hit? You? Me? Who???

This is the fear that is now controlling us. The fear of, WHO WILL BE THE NEXT PRAWN in the hands of the underworld people that goes by different names like terrorists, bandits, kidnappers or gunmen.

I think it is safe to say that, every Nigerian has to take charge of his/her security by adhering to some rules until we have better leaders.

The first safety measure is “to restrict access to your home and properties(including your car) as much as it is practical to do so. The second important rule is “Be Vigilant always”. If you notice any shady person or unfamiliar face in your vicinity, alert people. You might be saving a whole community from these dangerous faceless humans. Also, it is very important to be careful of the type of calls you pick in public. If it involves money or valuable goods, it will be better if you find a secluded place for the call. Finally, if you can afford it, it is safer to travel by air.

It should never be easy for complete strangers to know your whereabouts just by checking your social media posts.

I hope you now see why intentionally appointing the right candidate as the leader is important. A leader who will stand by their oath to first, protect the lives of the citizens if not, we will be doing the job ourselves

We need more collective action!! A stronger force to drive away these murderers that bring nothing but tears to the eyes of average Nigeria, destroy the little peace and joy in a home and cut short the life of bright Future leaders of today.

Go get that PVC!!

Picture from Wikimedia Commons by Bailzeee under CC-BY-SA-4.0

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