Wetin Nigeria Need to Rebuild am na Young Pipo: My Opinion for New Nigeria

Di October 2020 #EndSars protest for Nigeria show di paradigm shift for di fight for responsible govnance for dis Nigeria. Di movement also demonstrate how youth don ready to dialogue with govment and togeda find solutions to better the ekonomy.

E don tey wey Nigeria as a kontri don dey deep with possibilities. But the promises wey no produce any results com too plenti. Truth be say, na tenacity and resilience na him be the bedrock on top which naija pipo dey survive. To rebuild our nation, na for our leaders to start to take action, wey go contribute to di nation development. Dis steps go make sure say youth get opportunities like mentorship to take over leadership from older generation wey go make sure say dem carry dem along for policy making and govnance. Financial education and invesment to make sure say youth fit get money to take go school and hospital, start business and invest. And also implement laws wey go protect youth against insecurity. 

Di bad part of wetin dey happen for our country, be say, failure dey our societi wey show say govment neva do enough to help youth commot for the situation wey dem dey inside. Di load come too plenty from the 1994 post democratic generation. E show say government know say citizens don already dey suffer, but until dem find solutions to boost the ekonomy citizens go still suffer small. Allow me talk say na the effort of youth go help dis kontri because na dem be di greatest investment for kontri development.

Youth na young pipo wey get high hopes and great expectations from pipo wey dey before dem. Dis young pipo, na him hold the steering to drive positive change to rebuild a kontri. Despite the many palava wey young pipo dey face, di fight to become sometin for di kontri still no commot for deir mind. Dem dey try everyday to do small things wey go contribute to di growth of the ekonomy.

We get massive demography of youth, and more than 60% of Nigeria’s population dey under the age of 35. As e be now, we get evritin for Nigeria, from brain, to natural resources, com even get di population? Yet we dey hide inside di constant fight with ourselves. Make our leaders maximise dis population to advance our kontri. Di high knowledge, plenti creativity togeda wit fresh perspectives and idea wey young pipo get for technology fit transition our kontri. Apps like youthaction wey we go fit use share knowledge, opportunities and follow the accountability and transparency of our govment.

As young pipo, to continue to dey united for dis kountri and join di policy making bodi, dem must to hold bodi with the dis three values, resistance, solidarity and sacrifice. No need to compete with one another but to to solve many of the palava wey dey Nigeria. 

Make I talk dis thing make all naija pipo hear, other kountries see say Nigeria dey advance except for Nigerians. Make we try to dey promote the good things wey dey happen for naija. We too dey focus on problem and e no too good because e go kon hard to find solutions for the many palava wey we supposed dey solve. E get plenty young pipo idea wey dey provide solutions. Di FromProtestToAction, wey born plenti other ideas to better di kontri, like Youth Action Conversation for New Nigeria, Social Justice Academy, Community Change Enablers Bootcamp. Di Not Too Young to Join Bill wey former president Buhari sign for May 2018 still be idea of young pipo.

My own opinion for new Nigeria na Nigeria wey our govment go rob mind with young pipo for the kontri decision making process. Where equal opportunities dey for everyone, e no matter your gender, status or class. A Nigeria, wey to commot for house, no go dey fear young pesin. A Nigeria wey govment go match the things wey dem promise with the things wey dem dey do. 

The future of Nigeria dey the hands of young pipo and na dem go open everybody eyes see say; A New Nigeria Dey Possible!

_Benita Ezumezu

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